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Our Milestones – so far.

elastin research

Elastrin Therapeutics closes its Seed Funding Round with Kizoo Technology Capital

2017 elastin research

Patent Application published for “Delivery Agents Targeted to Degraded Elastic Fibers”

2015 elastin research

Publication on targeted drug delivery to emphysematous lungs in Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Patent application published for “Delivery Agents for Targeted Treatment of Elastin Degradation”

2014 elastin research

Publication on targeted EDTA chelation therapy in Journal of Controlled Release. Read it here.

NIH Director highlights the achievements and potential of the findings.


Patent awarded for “Elastin stabilization of connective tissue”

elastin research

NIH Grant awarded for project “GAGs: Function &Fixation in Bioprosthetic Heart Valves” which supported Vyavahare’s research with over $5.8 million until 2011.

elastin experts events

NIH Grant awarded for project “Calcification of Elastin -- Mechanisms and Prevention” which supported Vyavahare’s work in this field with over $2 million through 2008.