DESTiNED to help.

Developing a groundbreaking new technology capable of reversing tissue and organ calcification, saving billion of lives in the process. 

We can help millions of people – every year.

This material has a remarkable combination of flexibility and durability: Elastin is one of the body's most long-lasting component proteins.

Healthy elastin In a 6-year old child

what is elastin

Damaged Elastin in a 90 year old person

Elastin fiber major component of lungs and blood vessels. It expands and contracts to circulate blood and oxygen trough the body. Elastin degrades in everyone over 25, triggering aging in skin, arteries and lungs. Inflammation & stiffening of arteries starts at damaged elastin, leading to cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Damaged elastin fibre weakens skin and arterial walls. lt shows up physically as sagging skin, but it also leads to aneurysms and stroke. Starting in the mid-twenties the body stops replacing elastin fibre. The fibre degrades with age. Neurological acuity, mobility, circulation and breathing are impaired.

elastin repair

Elastin degradation is a leading contributor to heart and lung disease. Our team built a proprietary platform that targets and restores degraded elastin by removing the harmful calcification that stiffens arteries.


The platform significantly improves the efficacy of drugs and eliminates side-effects by combining particle design with elastin targeting.