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Current situation

Millions of people are diagnosed with one of the following every year;

  •  High blood pressure

  •  Hardening of arteries

  •  Diabetes

  •  Aneurysm

  •  COPD

Current treatment options are sub-optimal. For example;

Drugs prescribed are often lifelong. Side-effects are often significant. Degradation continues.

Since most therapeutic options at best manage symptoms or slow the progression of the disease, dosages have to be increased with time.

Surgery sometimes repairs the failing parts but only partially fixes something that is likely to recur. 

What would change?

From stiffness and thickening.... restoration

Our approach breaks that vicious cycle by reversing calcification and restoring functionality of the blood vessels.

Our Technology

Drug cargo

Antibody for elastin targeting

Drug release over ~10 days

Special configuration to keep out of cells

How it works
  • Elastin Fiber antibody guides the therapy to calcified tissue.

  • Nanoparticle releases drug.

  • Dissolves calcification and leaves the body via the kidneys.

Why it works where other approaches didn't

It only makes sense to ask why this approach succeeds at reversing hardening of arteries when so much R&D and investment has gone into other approaches without significant progress.

The answer is that there is more than one answer. Our approach results from years of combining a range of innovations to overcome the barriers that frustrated other approaches. See our USP.

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